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First I want to say thank you for your interest in Layerrs and I know right now your thinking “What is Layerrs”? Well… its an online platform and marketplace for creators and artists. See I started my own clothing line in 2015 with literally no money or clue what I was getting into, but the one thing I knew I had was an Idea and a design. During my 6 year journey of building my brand I ran into countless problems with pricing, production companies, minimums, and all of that was just getting the products started. After Jumping through those hoops…

What Does Layerrs Offer?

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Fellow creators who took a chance with Layerrs have something to tell you.

Mike Tree
Owner Operator of My Kings Life Clothing.

“Layerrs… The concept and execution is complete from start to finish. Online marketplace for indie brands and supports creative efforts seamlessly in real-time… It’s the Layerrs for me.”

Kelly perry
Fundraising Manager

“I use Layerrs for fundraisers and event shirts. I don’t have to worry about inventory or having left over products, supporters can just buy their shirts from my Layerrs store, and Layerrs also gives back a percentage to the cause. Why go anywhere else.” 

Ruby Smith
Owner of We Need More Women Apparel

“I have been looking for a place to sell online without all of the fees and having to build my own website, I just want to create, design, and get my message across and Layerrs makes it easy for me to do just that.”

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