"WHY?" Layerrs.com


     First I want to say thank you for your interest in Layerrs and I know right now your thinking “What is Layerrs”? Well… its an online platform and marketplace for creators and artists. See I started my own clothing line in 2015 with literally no money or clue what I was getting into, but the one thing I knew I had was an Idea and a design. During my 6 year journey of building my brand I ran into countless problems with pricing, production companies, minimums, and all of that was just getting the products made.

     After jumping through those hoops I still had to find out how to run a business and generate sales, and that consists of building a website, creating a fan base, and even then I was unable to reach certain customers who wanted custom items due to pricing and minimum quantity production companies. With all of that being said, I never gave up and now I have the plugs (connects) that I need to be efficient in having any design on multiple garments and produced at a wholesale price without having to buy 10, 50, or 100 of them.

     GREAT! RIGHT?… Well there was still something missing. I kept thinking about the old me, that kid living out of a vacant house with just a notebook, some candles, and an Idea.

     I thought Mannnn if I had all of the information and connects I have now I would’ve been way farther than I am now, and I could’ve spent majority of my time actually creating and designing instead of having to run all of the aspects of a business as well, and then it SPARKED… LAYERRS. Just like getting started with my clothing line I had no clue how I was going to do it but I knew that if i could eliminate all of the production hassle and make designing and promotion the main objective for creators and artists, then they too can have a head start on building their brands and get twice as far as I was in half the time, Hints The Winners Circle.

     So here it is a platform that does exactly that. You can now create your own free online store with your designs and you only pay for your merch to be produced after its bought, so there’s no money upfront. Below is our first tutorial video to walk you through every step of the way to signing up for our Print on Demand Free Plan. No worries for those of you who have merch and just need a space to sell online we’ve got you covered too. we have just recently launched and there are tutorials coming every week to keep you guys updated and equipped to easily design and promote your brand. My Plugs are Now Your Plugs. Thanks again, and welcome to the winners circle, Let’s EAT. 


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