Here at we don't only offer a marketplace, we also offer different printing services like DTG (Direct To Garment), Screen Printing, and Embroidery to get your products customized, and merch at a bulk price to promote or sell to your customers. Check out our pricing below and use our Calculator to price your next Order.

Screen Print Pricing

Print Pricing
Section description
Screen Charges
There is a $25 Screen charge per color per location if the logo does not stay the same size and color. For example a one color logo in one location is one $25 screen charge. If there are two colors in the logo in that location you will need two screens which would be $50(additional color in logo = additional screen). If you have a logo that differs in size for another location, new screens are needed. For example if you have a 2 color logo on the front and want to add a smaller logo on the sleeve new screens is needed (if three colors you will need three screens).
Additional Locations
This section is for if you want a design on the back of the shirt or if you want a design on the sleeve of the shirt. If you do not want to print on the back or the sleeve (You only have 1 design and only want the front of the shirt printed) Disregard this section.

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